We Craft Thoughtful Interfaces.

Interface Design

Great interfaces communicate ideas. We create interfaces that are beautiful and intuitive.

User Experience

Solid interface design is more than just making things pretty. Every interface should reveal it’s purpose transparently.

Product Strategy

We help build ideas. From sketch to product launch, we make products purposeful.

We Help Build Ideas.

Mobile Platforms

We carry interface design across all platforms. We believe in fluidity on all screen sizes, big or small.


Design is only one part of the equation. We have a network of talented and focused web and mobile developers that can help with any project.

Marketing & Sales

We just built a shiny new digital product, now what? Don’t stop there, let’s build a successful brand around your great idea.

About Us

Hi, we’re White Shade; A tiny design studio focused on crafting beautifully simple interactions across all platforms. We focus on digital product design for web and mobile devices, with an eye for fluid user experiences. Over the last 5 years, we have worked on lots of really great projects with some amazing startups from around the world.

Digital products are a communication tool used by millions of people everyday. They help us create and share our ideas seamlessly, and in real time. Design has become the modern language of engagement, and it’s more important than ever to provide users with a clear and precise product that gives them instant feedback, without a messy learning curve. We can help you refine your vision into a striking digital product that users can’t put down.

Building engaging products always starts with a great idea, but it doesn’t end there. We consider all facets of product design: From pencil and paper drawings, to High Fidelity mockups, through to launch; many of our clients come to us at various stages within their project, and thats great! With our extensive startup experience, we can help meet any challenge, in any environment. If you have a project you’d like help with, get in touch!

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